EC5501 Humidifier Replacement Filter & anti scale pads
EC5501 Humidifier Replacement Filter & anti scale pads
  • This package includes 1 pc filter, 3pcs mineral absorption pads and 3pcs aromatherapy refill pads. All the accessories of Elechomes Humidifiers EC5501 need to replace are included. No longer have to worry about missing or damaging these parts.
  • This mighty filter reduces calcium, limescale, magnesium quickly and effortlessly.
  • 1-STEP INSTALLATION: Installation is just a breeze! Just drop the cartridge directly into your Elechomes humidifier tank (models EC5501). It'll start working the second it hits the water.
  • The 3 little cotton plates are for aromatherapy spare using. Add a few drops of essential oil on the cotton plate in the aroma box and enjoy your relaxing aromatherapy.
  • We've designed this cartridge filter to give you the most bang for your buck. All the cotton plates could be recycled used as long as they are not damaged. It's very economical and affordable and saves your money.
€15.99 / £15.99
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